Friday, July 31, 2009

An endless torture

Has America become a global policeman that even though no violence has been committed on the American soil, no illegal possession or activity has been reported against these men, yet they have been arrested, their women have been manhandled, their house has been wrecked, their money and personal docts have been stolen, their bank accounts are being closed and the women are scared of hate-crimes against them?

Is State violence and a show of disrespect to the religion of its law abiding citizens just because their belief is different than their own, going to improve the security of the society?

A criminal is punished for his/her crime, but a Muslim is punished for his/her belief! Have people forgotten that there is a Super Power Who has promised to do the Justice and every wrong would be returned to the wrong-doer? Natural disasters like earthquakes, storms, wildfires, tornadoes, etc. are but a sign for the humans to realize their limitations and humility. If one can run away from the death and let him do what he wants, but if has to die then let him be watchful over his deeds!

A bitter fact

Danial Boyd with his two sons and three other Muslim men have been arrested without much substantial proof of guilt, yet the circumstances tell that proofs hardly matter when it comes to incarcerate Muslims, we have a great example of Guantanamo, other prisons in the USA and around the globe. The fact that Muhammad was bitten by the dogs right as he was arrested, his wife, mother and 15 year old sister were manhandled by 12 strong men of the Government Agency, intimidated and kept in detention for many hours, his 14 year old brother was initially arrested along with others and treated like a criminal is all a proof of undue use of authority and clear prejudice against Muslims in general. They had not committed any crime and they were living as law abiding citizens, then why were they treated so disrespectfully and inhumanly? The whole family, men and women, even Muhammad’s full term pregnant wife! Why their house is wrecked with no accountability? Why their
One noticeable policy seems to be clamping down influencial practicibg Muslims. Clear examples are Dr Rafil of Syracuse, Ali Tamimi of Virginia, Dr Afia Siddiqui, Pete Seda just to name a few.

More fact collected on Thursday 7/30/2009

1-The person who took the brothers to the construction site and got them arrested, then came back to the women with the false news of their family's car accident with a trailer truck and took them to the back of the Duke Hospital for their arrest is known to be a Muslim and his name is Salahuddin, he is Afro-American and from what I remember from Saifullah's wife, lives in Durham.
2- Their house is wracked, as what Sabrina told me on the phone, the carved name ‘Muhammad”, peace be upon him, that was hanging on the wall of one of the living rooms was thrown down on the toilet floor, there were burnt marks on the floor of the house, a door was broken, cash of $14,000 was stolen, business and personal checkbooks were taken away, the business invoices and all the records related to their construction business has been taken away such that she can’t even collect their payment from the people they worked for.
3-They are living with their friends for now, even though yesterday they were allowed to go back to their home, but they fear about hate-crime, having no hope of protection from the Sheriff considering the circumstances.

What happened on Monday, July 27, 2009

Today seven innocent Muslims have been indicted in Raleigh under the pretext of terrorism with the fabricated stories. We know this for sure because we used to live in Raleigh and knew these people and have never witnessed any violence from them. As we see the pics that are being posted to support the fabricated stories, we know that they are taken from the face book which the kids themselves posted to crack jokes with their friends. Most of them are summer camp pics that they took in different poses.

Like them a lot of Muslims have been indicted on false stories and many have either disappeared totally or are incarcerated in unknown places God knows for how long, like Pete Seda, Dr. Afia Siddiqui, Ali Tamimi, Dr. Rafil Dhafir, to name a few.

In today’s case it is actually mainly one family; father and 3 sons, one of them 14 or 15 years. First they tricked the men of the family to go to a construction site through their hypocrite so called Muslim informer and arrested the men, away from public's eye. Then they tricked the female family members, telling them that the men got in an accident and one of their family members had died so they need to go to the Duke Trauma Center. Since the men had gone with that same person, the female members didn't doubt the story and rushed with him, only to be taken to the back side of the hospital where in the guise of construction workers and doctors, the agency men and women surrounded the three women; wife of Daniel Boyd, his 15 year old daughter and his almost full term pregnant 22 year old daughter-in-law. They forcefully hand-cuffed them, 12 men over powering 3 women, and then took them to the detention center in three different cars. To intimidate the daughter in Law, they kept her in the car, roaming around for an hour and a half before taking to the detention center, trying to stand her up against her in-laws. There they separately interrogated each one of them for several hours and then eventually let them go because they did this all with no warrants.

One of the other arrested men also has pregnant wife in Kosovo and he was planning to go there soon to be with her.

The men were intimidated by the dogs’ bites and beating. We all know, that through these tactics you can have any confession you want!

Please do something urgently to stop this torture of innocent Muslims in the name of terrorism. This is simply a case being built for the sake of favorable opinion development for Israel since due to internet people have a better information system and they are realizing how inhumanly Israel is treating Palestinians!