Friday, July 31, 2009

More fact collected on Thursday 7/30/2009

1-The person who took the brothers to the construction site and got them arrested, then came back to the women with the false news of their family's car accident with a trailer truck and took them to the back of the Duke Hospital for their arrest is known to be a Muslim and his name is Salahuddin, he is Afro-American and from what I remember from Saifullah's wife, lives in Durham.
2- Their house is wracked, as what Sabrina told me on the phone, the carved name ‘Muhammad”, peace be upon him, that was hanging on the wall of one of the living rooms was thrown down on the toilet floor, there were burnt marks on the floor of the house, a door was broken, cash of $14,000 was stolen, business and personal checkbooks were taken away, the business invoices and all the records related to their construction business has been taken away such that she can’t even collect their payment from the people they worked for.
3-They are living with their friends for now, even though yesterday they were allowed to go back to their home, but they fear about hate-crime, having no hope of protection from the Sheriff considering the circumstances.


Abida said...

It is so sad that practicing Muslims are targetted for their faith in US with out any geneuine fault or crime. It is hard to understand why there is such a great paranoid against Islam. If the charges are true against the 9/11 accomplices, they were not practicing Muslims.
All these boheminians and Maccarthian tactics of FBI should be stopped by Obama administration.

Amy said...

Abida--they should be stopped but they won't be. Obama is just continuing the policies of the administration preceding him when it comes to circumventing the law to illegally detain "suspected terrorists" who aren't guilty of anything and who don't have even a shred of real evidence against them. Obama is a real disappointment on that particular matter.

I really feel for the family, I know that I wouldn't expect much help from the Johnston County law enforcement, unfortunately.

Does anyone know what the deal is, driving the family all the way out to Durham to arrest and then driving them back to Johnston County for interrogation?

Thanks for starting this blog, by the way.