Friday, July 31, 2009

A bitter fact

Danial Boyd with his two sons and three other Muslim men have been arrested without much substantial proof of guilt, yet the circumstances tell that proofs hardly matter when it comes to incarcerate Muslims, we have a great example of Guantanamo, other prisons in the USA and around the globe. The fact that Muhammad was bitten by the dogs right as he was arrested, his wife, mother and 15 year old sister were manhandled by 12 strong men of the Government Agency, intimidated and kept in detention for many hours, his 14 year old brother was initially arrested along with others and treated like a criminal is all a proof of undue use of authority and clear prejudice against Muslims in general. They had not committed any crime and they were living as law abiding citizens, then why were they treated so disrespectfully and inhumanly? The whole family, men and women, even Muhammad’s full term pregnant wife! Why their house is wrecked with no accountability? Why their
One noticeable policy seems to be clamping down influencial practicibg Muslims. Clear examples are Dr Rafil of Syracuse, Ali Tamimi of Virginia, Dr Afia Siddiqui, Pete Seda just to name a few.


Anonymous said...

Did you mean 16 year old sister?

Anonymous said...

and 15 year old brother?

Courage said...

Yes, that is right.