Friday, July 31, 2009

An endless torture

Has America become a global policeman that even though no violence has been committed on the American soil, no illegal possession or activity has been reported against these men, yet they have been arrested, their women have been manhandled, their house has been wrecked, their money and personal docts have been stolen, their bank accounts are being closed and the women are scared of hate-crimes against them?

Is State violence and a show of disrespect to the religion of its law abiding citizens just because their belief is different than their own, going to improve the security of the society?

A criminal is punished for his/her crime, but a Muslim is punished for his/her belief! Have people forgotten that there is a Super Power Who has promised to do the Justice and every wrong would be returned to the wrong-doer? Natural disasters like earthquakes, storms, wildfires, tornadoes, etc. are but a sign for the humans to realize their limitations and humility. If one can run away from the death and let him do what he wants, but if has to die then let him be watchful over his deeds!

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