Saturday, August 1, 2009

What is his fault?

If Daniel Boyd didn’t have one bad characteristic attached to him, he will be the most ideal person anyone will vote for, as we have been witnessing from the news media. The fault is: “He is a Muslim”. Being a Muslim and being nice is scary because a good Muslim’s sense of justice is very strong. It is not limited to one specific country, he cares about the human life and justice for all. His dependence on the Creator makes him independent of any fear of human beings. Thus he is considered a threat!


Amy said...

Noo... he's considered a threat because he traveled to Israel and they didn't like him there. He's considered a threat because he's been to Afghanistan and Pakistan (nevermind that while he was he was there, he was helping to fight America's enemies.)

There is more than just being a Muslim that he's accused. That doesn't mean it's fair but we should at least accurately represent the situation, no?

ebb tide said...

Bogus accusations about weapons

As for the weapons accusations against Daniel Patrick Boyd, when is it a crime for a US citizen to possess legally purchased guns that are registered and licensed? When is it a crime to go out and use these guns in shooting practice on private property? Do people here in the USA have guns and then never practice with them? Or do they practice shooting them at gun clubs and on private property? Where else are they to practice their constitutional rights? With violent crime rampant in this USA, do we not realize that many US states have enacted self-defense laws that greatly expand the right to use deadly force to defend oneself and family? What is the U.S. Constitutional 2nd amendment and the clause for individual Right to Keep and Bear Arms, all about, anyways? What is the NRA all about?

The boy of Daniel Boyd, Zak Boyd, was an eagle scout. That takes lots of work and merit badges. As all know one of those merit badges is to learn to practice on firearms. Moreover, hunting and using firearms is the American way.

It is a basic human right to protect oneself and one’s family against attack. This right is taken very seriously by many Americans, as mentioned in constitutional rights. Many citizens train with their legal firearms and personal weapons to be prepared for any eventual attack against their person and family, just as the national armed forces train with weapon systems to defend their country’s borders from attack. As the Geneva conventions and other international documents attest, the right to defend from attack is a basic human right. Is a citizen of the USA who has legal, registered firearms, going to sit back and look at them rust, without using them, oiling them, and practicing target practice? That is not the American way.