Sunday, August 2, 2009

Muslims and terrorism

We have known Boyd for the last 8 years and not once we found him rude, cold, unhelpful or violent. Any time we needed him, he was always there to help us or anybody in need. Moreover, we always found him doing big favors to the people without ever mentioning or boasting about them. One will always feel comfortable with his warm smile and humorous intelligent conversation. A very truthful, bold and God-fearing man who is an ideal husband and excellent father, is accused of kidnapping, maiming and killing; I am at a shock.

The very fact that an innocent person is beaten, tortured, humiliated before he is proven guilty just because his faith is different from those who are doing that to him, brings lots of question marks in one’s mind about those who are crossing the bounds of humanity before even they have proven him guilty! And that is not enough, his young boys who are known for their good character are being incarcerated because they are his sons! No, not yet, that is not all; his wife, full term pregnant daughter-in-law and 15 year old daughter are also tricked, hand cuffed and taken to different interrogation centers, for their only crime that they are related to him! No, even that is not enough! They wreck his house, steel his family's money and important papers, throw Prophet Muhammad's name carved name on the toilet floor, burn places, break doors etc. steel his wife's passport and who knows what else. When one lives in a house, there are thousands of things that are there forgotten until they are needed. It really gives great idea about the freedom of life and democracy. Any time any Muslim can lose his or her freedom and be mistreated under the false pretext of terrorism! I wonder where Muslims stand? They are neither safe in the Muslim countries nor in the Western countries, where should they go? And the funniest part of it is that they are called terrorists! Millions of innocent Muslims are being killed, maimed, kidnapped and displaced all over the Muslim world to promote this so called democracy. It is mind boggling, would anybody explain it to me!

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