Tuesday, August 4, 2009

9/11 vs Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and pretty soon Iran

Twin Towers were knocked down in a few hrs of a day, God knows by whose conspiracy, and 4,000 people were killed. According to WRAL: 9/11 left mental, physical effects on people. The World Trade Center Health Registry was created to track the health of the 400,000 people exposed to the attack and its aftermath.

May be the World Trade Center Health Registry should also track the health conditions in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan where the war has been going on for so many years as a result of which hundreds of buildings have been knocked down through bombing of years, millions of people have been displaced, tens of thousands have been killed and maimed, thousands have been incarcerated in Abu Ghuraib, Bagram, Guantanamo Bay and dozens of secret prisons.

I wonder what kind of mental, physical and financial health those people are in? Unless we consider them sub-humans or non-humans!

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