Sunday, August 2, 2009


How does media call him ringleader? A ring leader has to have a permanent ring of hard criminals, which ones of the arrested boys have hard criminals’ record. His own sons are model citizens and other boys are normal typical American kids who do a lot of things for fun’s sake. Almost 80% of kids growing in the West, especially in America have done all those things that these kids have done. The only difference between the arrested young men and others is the religion! And whatever crimes they were charged for, do they prove them to be terrorists or make Boyd ring-leader. Did he advise them to do what they did for which they were charged in the court. Why doesn’t media stay fair and fulfill its responsibility of truthful information? Majority of the public don’t even use their brains to analyze the situation and try to filter out the truth. They are being brain-washed by the media so that they get along with what they are guided to. Daniel is not an immigrant that locals should stand against him and pile up as many lies as possible in order to send him back to his country of origin, or get him life imprisonment to let him rot for the rest of his life. His father was a Marine, his one brother works in Pentagon but just because he has chosen the religion of Islam to live by, he is being treated like an out-caste. Why? America can tolerate Bhudists, Hindus, even Atheists but not a Muslim. It is time to contemplate why?

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