Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Could a neighbor be considered a reliable witness?

A person praised another person's character, so a wise man asked him: How are you so sure about his character? Have you lived next door to him? Have you traveled with him? Or have you done business with him?

Daniel Boyd's neighbours are praising him who have lived with him for 8 years or so. His business associates are wondering how a nice person like him could be considered a terrorist! And of course, many people who have traveled with him, will swear about his good character.

With all the clear signs of his innocence, he is portrayed as the worst creature there could be, and people are so gullible that they are ready to believe in every piece of garbage that is being presented in the news.

There are certain obvious facts that even a less intelligent person can notice:
1- All of his weapons are legally purchased and he has license for all of them.
2- When you own weapons, you practise on them otherwise you will be a real fool to even have them in your possession!
3- His indicted kids are Eagle Scouts who need to learn to use all kinds of fighting tactics.
4- If he were planning to attack Israel, he could not have traveled with his so much propped up weapons abroad, so what is the fuss about the weapons?
5- All of his neighbors, business partners, friends and acquaintances will witness, knowing him as a person, that he would never agree with the idea of suicide bombing because to the Muslims like him it is forbidden in Islam!
6- He has no record of terrorism ever since Afghan vs Russian war for which Government agencies recruited anybody and everybody that was willing to go to the war. According to the first hand story, people were offered thousands of dollars, visa service and air ticket in order to go to Afghanistan to free Afghans off Russian invasion in the company and training of CIA. So why now this hue and cry about him being trained in Pakistan and Afghanistan, as if it is the last year that they are talking about!
7- Even if, for the argument's sake, for a minute he is considered a terrorist, what was his female family members fault who were hand-cuffed, intimidated and detained for long hours before being released, one of them being his full term pregnant daughter-in-law, the other one 15 year old daughter besides his wife!
8- Even his 14 year old son was arrested and roughed up before being released, God knows under what fear!
9- Last but not the least, his Muslim name "Saifullah" is a very beloved name to Muslims because it has the beautiful meaning: Sword of Allah. Daniel named himself with this name probably over 20 years back when he accepted Islam. And for all I know, it might have been one of the Muslims who suggested this to him at the time of his conversion. Why is Media stressing so much on the meaning when they talk about his alleged plot of terrorism? To scare people about how horrendous his personality is?
To anybody with normal intelligence it is clearly a pretext for another attack on the Muslim world like what Bush administration did to invade Iraq, Afghanistan and then now Pakistan. It is clearly an agenda to distract American population from Israeli atrocities against Palestinians and to drum support for Israel.
The way Media is turning and twisting the facts against Daniel is another proof of the propaganda they seem to be advised to indulge in: With no supportive facts he is being called: Ring Leader, Dangerous Terrorist, Suicide Bomber, etc. and the kids that have been arrested along with him are portrayed as hard criminals while excluding his kids who have no criminal background, whatsoever, from investigation it is very clear that they are as normal of American kids as you find around your neighborhood or even under your own roof!

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