Sunday, August 2, 2009

Do you want to have a good LAUGH?

Innocent civilians are dying in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Chechnya, Bosnia, Nigeria, Somalia, Kashmir, Palestine and who knows where else, like ants and it does not matter because they happen to be Muslims generally. They are considered collateral damage! On the other hand if there is any Muslim that is strong, intelligent and has sense of justice is a threat to America and the western world! Does it make any sense that three or four men could cause havoc in Israel while 130,000 strong well trained, well equipped American soldiers have not been able to achieve their goal of destruction of Muslim world.
Here these men may have a few guns, even grenades according to the government agencies while the US soldiers are using Robots, Drones, Jet fighters, helicopters and satellite system to destroy the humanity. We don’t talk about the destruction to the Muslim lands and people but the most talked about issues are the few Muslims who are used to distract the real issue of Israeli atrocities against Palestinians, who are not even truly what they are portrayed! Has the world gone crazy?
Dr Rafil Dhafir of Syracuse, an independently wealthy professional had no guns but was running a charity organization to help the helpless needy of Iraq who were dying like ants due to American sanctions against Saddam Hussain! He was indicted for laundering the money, steeling the money! He is rotting in the prison for the last 8 years or more with life imprisonment.
Ali Tamimi, a famous scholar of Virginia didn’t even run the charity organization or possess the guns. He had played with PAINT-BALLS with the youth of his community so he is indicted for terrorist activities because he was practicing shooting with the PAINT-BALLS to destroy the Western World. He is rotting in the prison for life!
Ali Asad of Maryland had allegedly taken a person to the airport who happened to be his friend, who allegedly came to buy the destructive material to help Kashmiris’ Cause against India and since India is USA’s friend, he is indicted for 15 years and rotting in the prison his prime years of life.
Have the readers had enough laugh at the miseries of the Muslims for the ridiculous reasons for life-imprisonment or they need some more anecdotes because there are plenty more like the case of Dr Afia Siddiqui, Pete Seda and hundreds of Guantanamo Bay and other secret and known Prisons' Muslim prisoners.
The next I fear that I will be arrested for spreading the truth about the State Crimes.

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