Tuesday, August 11, 2009

American policy towards intelligent and skilled Muslims:

Dig the past of all the celebrated, incarcerated so called terrorists, you will find one common factor: they are extremely intelligent, highly qualified and very skilled in rare fields of Science and Technology. Also they are very popular in social circles for their character and respect to moral values, and are devout Muslims with scholarly knowledge of Islam.

Scary, if they go back to their countries of origin, they may become a great asset and may play a vital role in the advancement of that society. To prevent that possibility from becoming a fact they are accused of terrorism and incarcerated for ever. Instead of sending the naturalized citizens back to their countries of origin and taking their citizenship away, and letting local reverts to choose a country of adoptation, they rot them in their prisons out of the fear of the development of the competition. Ali Tamimi, Dr Rafil, Pete Seda, Dr Afia Siddiqui, Daniel Boyd, ..... are all so far living examples of it (who knows how long they will survive and what kind of mental state they would have when they come out, if they do at all. We might have to wait for armagadon to break the prisons open!

Any comments for or against?

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