Sunday, August 30, 2009



A power that brings Katrina, tsunami, hurricane, tornadoes, strong winds, causes wild-fires, earth-quakes, strikes with the lightening whoever and wherever it chooses.

A power that causes death to anyone anytime anywhere, leaving behind everybody else helpless. Can anybody deny it? I don't think so. Then why do we live so carefree, suppressing people's rights, oppressing innocents, torturing helpless, threatening the weak ones, ruining the lands that are people's livelihood? Don't we fear that the Higher Power that is in control of everything in existence could be outraged by our arrogance and extravagance, and could take revenge of all those that have been wronged?

Daniel Boyd, his two sons and 4 other prisoners are being kept in solitary confinement as if they have committed heinous crimes. Their arrest is so far on the pretext that they were going to commit certain crimes while those who have raped, murdered, tortured and destroyed properties of peaceful civilians are running around free, like Prince of Blackwater, Uzbaki Dustam, Dick Cheney, Rumsfeld, Bush, CIA personnel, Lindsey of Abu Ghuraib and God knows how many thousands of others who have proven record of heinous crimes against the humanity in general and Muslims in particular.

Not only that they are tortured through solitary confinement with the sleep deprivation techniques, they are imprisoned so far away from their families that the family members have to travel three hours each way to visit only one of them at a time. That means they have to travel 3 times if they want to see all three of them; one trip per person!

That is not enough, their family's account is frozen so they have no money to take care of their family expenses. They have no money and their bread earners are in the prison. What is the real agenda behind this whole set up? Muhammad Boyd's wife has given birth to a baby boy. How many fathers are there who would agree with the first-born being deprived of his father's presence in his life when he comes to this unfriendly world? Or now the babies are also going to be tortured just because they are born to a Muslim father? Is this democracy that America is trying to spread through guns and bombs to the Muslim world? Is this considered a civilized society?

In the name of liberation people's rights are being swallowed left and right! Can someone come up with an idea as to how to end this ongoing persecution?

Watch the following You Tube videos that are eye openers for those who believe in human rights before believing in any religion:

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