Thursday, August 6, 2009


Couldn't there be a better way of hyping the word jihad than "VIOLENT jihad". Every time I read it, it makes me laugh! Is the meaning of war peace. Or the War the western countries are waging against almost all the visible Muslim countries is peaceful? Is throwing 500lb bomb PEACEFUL? Is sending missile PEACEFUL? Is using tazer to stun innocent people PEACEFUL? Is striking with drones PEACEFUL? Is shooting with most modern weapons PEACEFUL? Are war exercises PEACEFUL? Arresting through kidnapping and torturing PEACEFUL? Is waterboarding PEACEFUL? If it is not then why don't we listen or read in the news: a violent strike caused 50 Pakistanis' death. Or a violent 500lb bomb was dropped in Baghdad, which caused a Football field size deep crater, bringing dozens of buildings violently down, killing and maiming hundreds of people violently. Or the soldiers killed 50 Taliban violently with the automatic weapons. Or something like that which is very clearly really really VIOLENT! What is Media trying to tell people by "VIOLENT jihad"?

I am at a loss. Can someone explain to me what is fact and what is fiction? I am going crazy. HUH!

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