Thursday, September 17, 2009

3 minutes shower after a week in a dirty hole!

Dylan was allowed a 3 minutes shower after a week. We all know by now that he, like his father and brother Zac, is in solitary confinement in a dirty hole like cell. I wonder why only those 3 of one family are subjected to solitary confinement while others are still better off!

The Boyd trio can only have 5 visitors, one at a time for 20 minutes with no touch behind the glass visit. They can call for 10 minutes by paying $15. They need to buy stamps, pencils, paper, soaps and other basic items from the shop on the premises; I wonder how expensive it is? They were the bread earners of the family, their Bank accounts are frozen, the money from home is confiscated, can someone figure out how are they supposed to come up with the required money to take care of their basic needs, stay connected with their family and provide for the family expenses. They are in Virginia prisons while the families are in North Carolina which adds another extra expense of a good car, gas and time. One wonders about the Government agenda!


laila said...

Any Volunteer lawyers? Any ideas a person can do to help these prisoners. I am the mother of one of the prisoners and need some information on what I could do to help my son and the others

Courage said...

Everyone that is interested in fighting against the oppression has a few options:

Contact ACLU, Amnesty International, CAIR etc.

Write to President Obama through his Govt. website.

Contribute to the blogs that are created to expose the truth with your personal experience.

Write to the inmates and help them financially so that they may be able to write back to you because they need to buy every stamp, paper, envelope and pencil, and anything you can imagine, they need for their personal use.

Try to take up your case to those journalists and media people who are interested in spreading the news of the oppressed ones, like Michael Moore, Alex Jones etc.

laila said...

ACLU did not do much and care did nothing. They both said this was a legal matter and his lawyer has to take care of this. I am leaving my email address

laila said...

Any email or phone number for Alex Jones? Please help me I am new to all this stuff. I am Laila, Ziyad Yaghi's mom he has been indicted with Boyd. This is my email address:

Seoladair said...

Can someone put me in contact with Sabrina Boyd? I'm her nephew Daniel (named after her husband) and would like very much to reach out.