Saturday, September 12, 2009


Big fear in the European and American political personnel's hearts: If Islam kept spreading with the present speed, in 10 to 20 years most of the Europe would be Muslim rather than Christian. Would it have happened if the Europeans, English and Americans didn't meddle around the Muslim world, caused turmoil in their homelands, forced them to seek refuge from war, displacement and poverty, and as a result ending up in the countries that brought that condition upon them. Whoever didn't come as a refugee was allured to come for the higher studies and pressed upon to stay back after finishing the studies because this way the Western countries were getting highly skilled people without putting much labor into them, cheap huh!

Then they were only concerned about building their nations selfishly without thinking of the brain-drain from the countries that these intelligent and skilled students came from. Then they didn't think of what would be the situation in the future, they were only concerned about their present: Nation Building! Then they didn't think that these people would settle down and have their families grow here. They were too over confident about turning them in to secular Muslims who would only live on their lands to serve their purpose. Then they forgot that there is a Supreme Power; a bigger Planner Who could turn their Chess Board in no time!

Now they are worried about what is going to happen to their societies. Pretty soon there would be no alcohol drinking, no pork eating, no pornography, no mingling of genders, no free sex, no nudity, no dance parties. People will have to respect each other; use their tongues more carefully without abusive language; Hollywood will have to be shut down; Bars will have to be closed; Las Vegas might have to be deserted etc. etc.

The prophesy says that Jesus will descend down from the heavens before Armageddon. And when he descends down, he will kill the swine, break the cross and bring such prosperity to the earth through justice that there will be no poor left to accept charity. There will be such peace on the earth that a woman could travel across with no fear of attack.

It seems that the way is being paved for Jesus' coming because once the demographic change takes place, the time is ripe for his appearance. So it will be smart to submit to the Will of God and accept the consequences of what our own hands have brought upon us and instead of killing and torturing the innocent Muslims, start searching for our own salvation because the time to be presented in front of our Lord is nearing.

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laila said...

I am Ziyad Yaghi's mom and since this happened I did not stop crying. Could somebody tell me what I could do to help my son and is there any volunteer lawyers. This is a big setup, scam, false accusations that the FBI came up with this. Does anyone understand that all of this is just so they can make money out of this.