Monday, September 14, 2009

The life is normal again for everyone except...............!

It is now over two months that those 7 innocent Muslims were indicted in Raleigh, NC. For a while many people showed keen interest in their case but the air is lull now and it seems that they are forgotten.

I wonder if the days are as fast and busy for the incarcerated people as they are for the free people! They are living in solitary confinement, from what I hear, Daniel Boyd's lights have never been turned off; they are on 24/7. Their food is slid down from a hole in the door. The guards are not allowed to talk to them. The fear that their good personalities will influence inmates to Islam has forced authorities to increase the undue torture to the innocent prisoners before they are proven guilty. The case will be brought to the court after a year, can one of those who languish others for these long periods of time, steel their years of life, put themselves in their place and think that they and their families will be able to bear all this?

After 7 years Bagram prisoners are being allowed to plead their cases. Many Guantanamo prisoners have been released after being imprisoned and tortured for a period of 7 or 8 years because they were proven innocent. It seems a normal practice of Western governments in general and American government in particular to persecute the innocents for years upon years in the name of safety and security or peace and justice for Americans and then simply say sorry and walk away without ever repenting for never repeating the same mistake again. What a bluff! Does it prove them conscientious? Does it prove them worthy of leading the world with this characterless approach?

This is Islamic month of Ramadhan in which Muslims fast from Dawn to Dusk. During this time they don't eat or drink. It is the month of physical and spiritual purification. One wonders how these innocent prisoners and thousands others like them are being treated in the prisons by the enemies of Islam. What kind of food are they provided when they start their fast and when they break it? Do they care about bringing their food on time as the God has required because it is a certain fact that the war is not against terrorism, it is against Islam and they will not leave any opportunity of increasing the torture to those who follow Islam?

Are Muslims doing anything for these people realizing that Muslims are like a body, if one part hurts, the whole body suffers, or they are busy with their feasts of Ramadhan in the name of worship?

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laila said...

I don't think Muslims are doing much for these prisoners. I am Ziyad Yaghi's mom and can assure you that my son is innocent. I feel with him and am hurt constantly. I cry all the time and have called many places but to no avail. Wish some one can help. Wish some one can return my son to me and all these prisoners to their families. You are a good Muslim indeed for caring for them. Please if you have any ideas on how I can help my son let me know