Friday, September 11, 2009

Another case to be explored

The man came as a student, studied diligently, became US Citizen, got married, settled down and was remembered as a model citizen by his neighbors and friends throughout his stay in the US. Being a good Muslim he started helping a charity organization voluntarily in his spare time. The Organization collected some donations from around the world and transferred to Saudi Arabia to be used for the charity work. Pete didn't imagine that he will have to pay tax for a sum that was neither earned in the US nor used, it was basically being transferred from one end to the other. It could easily be considered a genuine mistake and the matter could be settled, if need be, by imposing required fine, if any.

But that is not what happened! He was harassed by the FBI, indicted in made up cases and to save himself from the imprisonment, seeing what might be coming, he ran out of the country.

That is not the end of the story. Who knows which agent, in the guise of friend and adviser, advised him to come back to the US since they don't have any substantial evidence against him, he could fight his case in the Court and be absolved of the false accusations. He came back.

Guess what happened! He was whisked from the airport and his whereabouts have not been known ever since, it has been two years or so. Read Afia Siddiqui's case and there are too many similarities.

Whatever the case, it establishes one factor very solidly: they are after every practising intelligent Muslim who could be of any value to the Muslims and Muslim community. I wonder what could you call it? Go to the following link and read and appreciate the democracy that is being spread by bombs and missiles.

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